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Every business needs a website. Your business will gain credibility by having a website and even a simple website will do, especially if you have a small business with a limited budget. Adding a contact form will make it easy for anyone to contact you right away and it need not be expensive to create an online presence.

A website can be simple and informative, a basic blogging site, or it can be complicated and customised specifically for your business. The complexity of your website will depend on the functions and features you would like to include. And, will be based on your business and website performance goals and objectives.

​When planning a website you have to consider your users, the functionality, content, design, scalability, security, maintenance and cost, among many other things. Listing the requirements will help you to understand and define what is needed and it will give you an overview of next steps to take.

If you want to build and manage a website yourself there are many do-it-yourself website builder options to choose from. Flying Colours Design offers training to get you going.

A variety of pre-made templates are available ranging from free WordPress themes to Internet Service Provider site building software. Researching the best solution to match your needs will be necessary if you want to take control of designing, building and maintaining your own website.
There are some options to choose from when deciding on a website. The first questions you need to ask are... What do I want my website to do? What is my budget? What are my business goals? Do I need a web designer or do I want to manage my website myself?

Featured Websites

The Farmers Field

Flying Colours Design assisted in designing a memorable brand for this startup business that manufactures delicious gourmet ice cream.


BetterSalted needed a quick one-page portfolio website showcasing the services the company offers to corporate clients.

Little Rock Garden & Arboretum

Little Rock Garden & Arboretum is beautifully shown with logo and web design by Flying Colours Design. The client maintains the website but requested setup and design.

The Fine Collection

The brief: Branding, web design and the maintenance of the brand, to be consistent in all media. Completed successfully for The Fine Collection.

A Thousand Stars

A country stay and vacation destination  presented a great opportunity to use a stunning photograph as the main feature of this Wordpress website. It also uses a WP calendar booking system plugin.

Southern Striders

Using a contact form on the website of this social running club is ideal to help grow club membership. A website and social media exposure is a sure way to expand your reach.

DIY Websites

There are a few DIY online website building software options to choose from. It will take some research to find the best solution for your specific business needs. DIY website builders do not require you to have special coding skills and give you the tools needed to create your own website. All you need is a good eye for design, excellent planning skills and the willingness and time to learn.

If you feel comfortable with creating your DIY website, Flying Colours Design can assist you with the initial design and setup of the site. You may then choose to maintain it yourself or alternatively we can do monthly maintenance on your site.

Below are three examples of DIY website creation software.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress.com provides hosting and a platform on which to build your site. WordPress.org offers WordPress Open Source web publishing software to install on your hosting site.

WIX.com Website Builder

Wix gives you all the tools to create a website with advanced functionalities to bring your vision to life. They have a free option to get you going. Note that added functionalities come at a cost.


Durable.co is an online AI website builder and marketing platform. It is easy to use to get your business online in a flash. It generates a website with the information you enter.
Contact us today if you need help with planning and creating your website.
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