Graphic Design

​Whether you need a new or revised logo, corporate identity, website, brochures or have a publishing project you would like to discuss, Flying Colours Design can help you decide on the road ahead. We can't all be designers and although Canva has taken the world by storm the designs are very basic and does no allow for unique features. Anyone who is serious about building their business should call in the services of a qualified Graphic Designer to help bring to life your vision and goals.
Expert Graphic Design services will elevate your brand bringing your innovative ideas to life. With the correct approach and guidance, you will be supported through the process to make your vision a reality. Investing in top-quality design is necessary to present your business in a professional manner.

Logo Design

Do you need a logo or have one that you need redesigned or redrawn for digital use? A logo is the starting point of branding your business.
1 colour, 2 colour, full colour? Note that some screen colours can't be printed on paper or certain materials so doing sample matching before final print is a good idea.

Your logo must tell a story. What do you want to convey to your customer?

Logo shape. Will you be able to use your logo in any format and application?

Which font style do you like. There are multiple options.

Business Cards

A business card needs to convey the image of your business and it is the best way to make a first and lasting impression on your prospective customer. Non-standard business cards can be printed and Z-folded to be used as mini-brochures.
What will the orientation of your card be? Landscape or Portrait.

What size should the card be? The standard size options to choose from are 55 x 85 mm, 50 x 90 mm and 55 x 90 mm.

Do you want the corners to be rounded? This option adds a cost factor but it makes for an interesting card.

Do you want information printed on one or both sides?

Do you want a standard or non-standard card?

Flyers & Leaflets

Flyers and leaflets are a quick and easy way to inform and send a message to prospective customers about your business and products. They are still the most effective way to target a specific market.
Size. You have the following standard size options to choose from: A4 (210 x 297 mm), A5 (148 x 210 mm), A6 (105 x 148 mm), DL (99 x 210 mm).

Printed on one side or both sides?

How many do you need printed?

How will you distribute your flyer or leaflets?

Do you need an electronic version of your leaflet or flyer?

Brochures & Booklets

If you have a lot of information to share and need more than a simple leaflet or flyer, consider a folded brochure, booklet or catalogue. Multiple pages can be added and they can also be converted to a digital format for easy online distribution.
What will the format and size be? A3 folded to A4, A4 Z-folded to DL size or A4 folded to A5?

How much content do you have and how many pages will be needed? Prepare and supply the content you wish to communicate. Your logo, draft text and pictures will be needed.

Which font style do you like? There are multiple options.

Which colours and elements do you want to use.


Presentation folders are perfect for grouping together your business card, page inserts and any other loose elements like USB Flash Drives or promotional gifts to present your proposal or products in one package. They look professional and keep all your documentation organised when promoting you business at Expo's, seminars, training or promotional events.
Do your need a paper printed or leather bound folder?

Do you need slits, slots or pockets for your business card or other documents or Flash Drives?

How big should the folder be? Consider how many documents you will be inserting.

Do you want your folder to be laminated or coated for protection against tearing, staining and finger prints?

Would you like foil stamping or embossing for added textural effect?


A poster should be eye-catching and informative and may be used for many purposes. It can be designed to have only striking graphics to display your message or it can have text in large letters to 'tell' and not 'show' your message. A Posters is usually only printed on one side but can also be block-mounted or framed if it needs to be more permanent.
Size. Choose from A0 (841 x 1189 mm), A1 (594 x 841 mm),
​A2 (420 x 594 mm) or A3 (297 x 420 mm).

Will the orientation be Landscape or Portrait?

How many do your need printed?

Do you need block-mounting, wood or aluminium framing?

How will you be hanging or mounting your posters?

Packaging Design

Packaging products is not straightforward. Many requirements need to be met to ensure that your products stand out from the rest and are enclosed and protected for distribution, storage and ease of use. Your product packaging needs to be practical and usable to make the consumer prefer buying and using your product. It is crucial to consult with professional printing and packaging companies to find the best solution. Flying Colours Design can assist with printed Point-of-Sale (POS) and packaging in all forms including product containers, die-cut boxes, bags, packets etc.
What are the dimensions?

Should the design be adaptable? Is your product part of a series of products?

Will you be using a standard design template for a box, bag, packet, etc. or do you need a unique template to be designed?

Label Design

Label designs can be printed on self adhesive vinyl to be waterproof on food and beverage product packaging. Eye-catching label designs add appeal to your product and should relay important information to the consumer.
What type of product is the label for?

Should the label material be waterproof?

What is the size of the label and do I need more than one label? e.g. for the front and back of the product packaging.

Which colours represents my product best?


A well-designed menu is the single most important item to get your customer interested in your food and beverage offerings. Your menu needs to be durable and should be laminated or varnished to protect against oil and finger prints.
Size and number of pages.

How many items will appear on the menu?

Will you be using images and text on the menu or text only?

Do you need a digital version of your menu for online distribution?

What is the lifespan of your menu? Will you be needing to change it often?

Do you need a folder to insert loose sheets or do you need the menu to be printed and staple bound?


It is not easy to attract attention to your business in a world where people are bombarded with thousands of advertisements daily. You need incredible photographs and a short but very informative message that will resonate with your potential clients to make a lasting impression in a fleeting moment. There are many different ways to appeal to customers using print advertisements. Magazines come to mind first but there are many online options too.
Print size, colour, etc. You will need to get print specifications from the publication you wish to advertise in. Remember to also have a digital version of the advert created for online use. The specs differ.

Do you have a clear message in mind?

Do you need particular graphics or photos and have you made sure that you are allowed to use the material in terms of copyright?

Will you be incorporating a 'Call to Action' to generate leads? You can do this by including a QR code that can be scanned by any smartphone to link and take customers to your website to buy your products or learn more about your brand.

Promotional Items & Corporate Gifts

Flying Colours Design can offer you multiple options to strongly promote your brand. There is a large range of promotional items and gifts that you can choose from to thank to your customer for their support. These include key rings, mugs, bags, backpacks, pens and many more. Give them a useful item that will put your brand name out there. You also have a choice of branded clothing and wearable items including caps, jackets, T-shirts, golf shirts, and many other garments that will put your brand name out there.
How many items do you need?

Will you need screen or digital printing, embroidery?

What should the lifespan of your gift or item be?

Will you use imported or locally produced products?

What type of gift will your customer appreciate?

Will staff and customers be wearing your brand?

Which items of clothing do you need branded?

Can your logo be embroidered?

What sizes should be ordered?

Will the branded clothing be for women, men or children? Not all colours can be printed or embroidered on clothing, please check to make sure that your brand colour can be reproduced to match.

Banners & Flags

There is a huge range of banners and flags to choose from including pull up, pop up and roll up banners, gazebos, sharkfin banners, flying flags and portable advertising or mobile event display designs to name a few. Your outdoor banners and flags need to be fade resistant and of high quality to withstand wind, sun and weather.
How sturdy does it need to be? Consider the hardware. If it will be used in strong wind it needs to be very rigid.

Do you need different designs on each side of the banner or the same design on both sides?

Will you reuse the frame for future campaings? This forward thinking will save you money in the long run.

How big should my banner or flag be?


Signage is more permanent than banners and flags. Your business is not about location, location, location if your customer cannot see or find you. Visibility is important and an appealing, interesting sign will instantly communicate the professionalism of your brand and invite your customer inside.
What material do I want my sign to be made of? Wood, steel, aluminium or perspex?

Do I want a modern or perhaps vintage look?

Should my sign be illuminated?

Do I have permission to put my sign up where I want to put it?

Will my sign only display my logo or do I need to add other important information?

Will I be displaying my sign in a digital form, e.g. LED digital screen?


It's easy to use our cellphones to access a calendar nowadays. However, printing a desktop calendar or large A2 wall calendar is still a great way to keep all your important dates in sight.

For businesses in particular, calendars are a perfect way to keep your brand name visible for an entire year. This is why there is still a place for printed calendars in the market. You have a choice of professionally printed desktop ring-bound calendars, large A1 or A2 wall calendars, magnet fridge calendars and photo calendars.
What type of calendar do I want?

Where will my calendar be on display?

What information do I wish to showcase? Adverts, pictures or information specific to each month of the year?

Do I want to print a personalised gift calendar?

Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing campaigns can offer a healthy return on investment for any business. The trick is to look for innovative marketing tactics to educate and inform your customers. Coupons and discount offers could be targeted to specific existing clients or you can aim to raise awareness of your products and business with prospective customers.
Who will my target customers be?

Do I know my customers' demographics?

Do I have a direct mailing list containing my most valuable prospects?

Have I thought about the timing of my campaign?

Will my campaign be integrated with other campaigns?

Do I need to measure the success of my campaign?

What will the cost per mailing be?

Is my business data accurate?
If you need assistance with your business designs, contact us today. Professional services are offered by Flying Colours Design and our team of talented professionals are ready to assist you.
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