Consider your logo. Is it relevant and useful on every digital platform? Can it be used easily online and on Social Media? Is it print ready? Can it be scaled in size?

If you are starting a brand new business you'll need to conceptualise and envision your business message, deciding on a name then adding text and/or an image, drawing or icon to create an emblem for your company.

​​​Do you need a logo or have one that you need redesigned or redrawn for digital use? A logo is the starting point of branding your business.​​
When branding your business it is important to be consistent in all elements used. For a new business start-up, think about how you want to present your business. ​If the business is established and your logo, stationery and other marketing material does not all look the same you might be confusing your customers.

Branding - Points to Consider

It is not just about the business name, slogan and image. The message you send to your potential clients should be bold, visible and unique. Take the time to imagine what it is you would like to achieve. Then follow through with an extensive business plan. Follow the steps to achieve a particular goal and present a brief to your Graphic Designer.

Consideration has to be given on positioning the business. Delivering consistency, informative advertising, which demographic to target, who is your audience, brand values, market research and establishing Brand trust. These are just a few important points to consider before setting out and contacting your Graphic Designer of choice. You have to make sure that the designer understands you vision and can deliver what you need. You can trust Flying Colours Design to do that and a lot more. We will help establish your brand with eye-catching designs that will be noticed. With a clear and succinct statement you will set your business apart from your competitors. Establish the core of your unique culture and impart that knowledge into your brand. It is a critical brand strategy that will define your brand's unique value position. A striking brand identity should evoke a feeling when your customer see your logo, or when they hear your business name.

Corporate IDs

A corporate identity is the manner in which an organisation or business presents itself to the public, to customers and investors as well as employees.

What combination of colours, designs and words is needed to make a statement and differentiate your business from others?

What is your current Corporate ID colours? Do you need to change it? Your Corporate ID must be consistent.

What do you want to convey to your customer?

Do you need your stationery to be both electronic and printable?
If you need help with branding your business contact us today. Please supply a detailed brief to present your idea and business plan. Professional services are offered by Flying Colours Design to help you design a Brand Guide.
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