Technology has brought photography into the modern world in a powerful way. The high quality lenses used in cellphones and other modern gadgets gets better every day and gives anyone the opportunity to take great photos. But, sometimes you need a professional photographer to do the job. High-resolution images are essential for displaying your trusted brand.

Flying Colours Design offers you on or off-site photographic services as well as pre-production, ​photo retouching and image enhancing. We can help you tell your story in a colourful and vibrant way that are sure to draw attention.
Keeping brand images and business branding consistent both in print and online is vital to the way your products or services are visually presented to your clients. All your products including T-Shirt designs, product brochures, signage, large expo displays, web banner ads, website images, vehicle branding, etc., should be consistent in terms of colour, quality and scalability.

Product Photography

Product photography is useful when you need sharp and colour correct images of your products to use ​for print and web. High resolution images are used in many applications, including printing Banners, Signage and Vehicle Branding.

Product Video Clips

Photographs can also be used with video footage to create promotional videos and visual presentation material. It is the best way to showcase your products to your customers and capture their attention online.

Image Retouching and Manipulation

Image retouching and restoration includes digitising of treasured printed photographs. Who does not own an old photo album stored away somewhere, not seen for years? Why not restore them to their original splendour?

If you need a specific image and you just can not find a replacement or there is some part of the image that you need removed or replaced, it can be done. And if the colours of your photograph are dull or not what is desired, trust Flying Colours Design to assist with professional image retouching and manipulation.
Based on the image comparison below, which pie would you buy?

Storing data, images or project documents for easy reference and safekeeping

Do you have CDs or drives full of images or project documents that needs to be sorted, indexed, securely backed up and digitally archived in an orderly fashion? Flying Colours Design can assist with creating an online backup of your most valuable images and documents. Cloud based services can be used. A good example is Google Drive.
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